The GCSC Club Champs take place on Saturday 6th May. This is always an exciting evening and provides young swimmers with great race experience, in not too difficult or demanding an environment.

It is a really important step in a young swimmer’s education – and really competitive and enjoyable!

However to allow the event to run, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Helping at Club Champs can be an excellent way to “get involved”. Getting involved means your swimmers get opportunities because without help from parents we cannot run the events they need.

We desperately need new officials to help run our meets. Club Championships is a great way to get involved and experience what it takes to become an official. It gets gets you involved on poolside with like minded people. PLEASE put your name down even if you’ve never done anything before and just shadow someone who will happily help you.

There is a sign up sheet on the notice board, and/or please let a committee member or coach know. Daisy especially will be delighted to hear from you.

GCSC is totally reliant on running our own open meets. In order to continue to run our meets as we do we need to continue to develop our own workforce. Being an official is hugely important in this respect. Please come forward and help the club, and YOUR swimmers.

Many thanks!

GCSC Coaching team.

NB. Anyone helping needs a DBS check. Again this is very straightforward and not onerous. We will make sure someone from the club contacts anyone helping to make sure everything runs as it should.