Swimming north of the Watford Gap has always been somewhat different from that “down South”, and that was one reason I wanted to travel north for our Christmas Open meet this year.

Travelling to Leeds also meant competing against different swimmers, in a different environment, and the meet make up meant for tough swimming conditions. Many of the countries top squads were present, and its easy to see why they are so strong when you see the conditions they have, week in week out.

We will spend the next three months competing against the same swimmers whilst we swim Counties, and then the same swimmers again at Districts, so it was without doubt a good decision to put ourselves under pressure, in really difficult conditions, and race tough and hard against different opposition. Too hard? I’ve heard that mentioned with swimmers having very little or no rest at all between events? Well, it was the same for all clubs there, and I honestly didn’t hear any other complaints from any other club, so no, I don’t think it was. When you actually analyse the results, you would say our swimmers coped exceptionally well. Well done to them! Results also aren’t the be all and end all in December. Lets measure the benefit perhaps when competing in a friendlier environment, with good preparation time, swim down time, and rest time between events. It might all then seem easier!

Every swimmer at the meet made a final. That was one of the reasons for entering. It really defeats the object of wanting a meet where swimmers benefit from that, if they then don’t final, or they get rejected in the first place. With virtually no rejections, and so many finalists, we therefore achieved exactly what was wanted.

We also gained:-

41 pb swims.
65 final swims.
6 Gold medals
8 Silver medals
6 Bronze medals
19 National Qualifying times
1 Scottish National qualifying time.

Thanks to all parents for their support in financing and travel throughout the weekend. I’m aware that’s a considerable thing.

Swimmers wont forget the meet for a while I’m sure! Plans for an Easter Meet are now being discussed, and I plan to arrange this over the coming couple of weeks. Rest assured, any decision on that will be taken in the long term benefit of club, and swimmers.