The club has compiled this membership information pack to help swimmers and parents understand some of the basic requirements that are essential when joining a competitive swimming club.

The information in this pack is only a brief guide and should you have any questions regarding membership please contact the Membership Secretary.

New Membership Enquiries

Please complete the following form and email it through to: Please note that whilst you may complete the form electronically (using the Word version), it will need to be printed off and signed – and either brought to the trial with your son/daughter – or scanned and emailed through to:


Training Fees

Training fees are payable monthly at the beginning of each calendar month, for that month. We require fees to be paid by monthly standing order, September to August inclusive.

The monthly payment will vary depending on which squad your child trains in and the number of sessions per week available to him/her.

The payment takes into account Bank Holidays, Seasonal breaks and the occasional schedules and unscheduled cancellation due to Gala’s etc.

A standing order form can be obtained from the Membership Secretary.

Membership Fees

There are two types of membership which you must have in order to be a member of Gloucester City SC (GCSC).

These are as follows:

  • Membership of Gloucester City SC (most of which goes towards insurance)
  • Membership of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and affiliation to Region and County

All members including parents of swimmers under the age of eighteen must be a member of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

Initial Assessment

If you would like to arrange a trial to join GCSC please contact the Membership Secretary.

The initial assessment will be carried out by one of the club’s fully qualified coaches, often within a normal training session.

The assessment will consider the following:

  • Age
  • Confidence in the water
  • Ability to perform all strokes

Following the assessment the coach will decide if the swimmer is ready to join GCSC and which squad/sessions would be suitable. The coach will then inform the Membership Secretary.

Coaching Statement

The coaching team is committed to ensuring that being a swimmer of Gloucester City is a positive experience for all and that every swimmer has the chance to realise their full potential, while at the same time enjoying themselves.

Management of the Club

The club is managed by an elected Executive Committee which meets on a monthly basis to ensure that the club is progressing in the right direction.

A full list of current Officers and Executive Committee can be found on the club website and notice board.


The Club

  • We will try to ensure that the Club’s aims and objectives adhered to at all times.
  • Our planned competitions calendar will be published and communicated to both parents and swimmers via the notice board, newsletter, and website.
  • The club will generally give at least 4 weeks notice to swimmers who have been selected for an event/gala, however some last minute changes are inevitable.

Parents / Carers

  • The Club / coach cannot be held responsible for swimmers left at GL1 in advance of sessions nor once the swimmers have left the pool side / changing room at the end of a session.
  • To ensure swimmers arrive to their session with time for them to change and get onto poolside.
  • Should check that the session has not been cancelled before they leave swimmers at GL1.
  • Arrive in time to collect their swimmers at the end of a session.
  • Follow ASA guidelines at all times regarding safety and welfare of all swimmers.
  • Encourage swimmers to follow all the technical advice that they will receive from their coach.
  • Parents / carers are encouraged not to engage in conversation with the coach while on poolside.
  • Check the notice boards and website on a regular basis.

NB – for further information please refer to a copy of the Club Constitution.