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Pro Swimwear

NEW: Swimpath Shop at Open Meets


Swimpath will now be providing a shop for the GCSC Open Meets taking place at GL1.


The shop has also agreed to offer GCSC members a 10% discount when they make purchases. For information about the discount code, please ask at the club shop.

GCSC Swim Shop

GCSC has its’ own shop selling a whole host of swimming equipment (at slightly discounted prices) and GCSC logo clothes. The shop runs on a Sunday evening in the Barton pool at GL1 between 5.15-7.00pm and Claire Naylor is currently acting as the Club Shop Manager. All profits from the sales go back into the club to benefit the swimmers.

The following is a basic list of the equipment your child will need when training at GCSC:

  • Short fin flippers
  • Kick board
  • Pull buoy (float that goes between legs to allow swimmer to focus purely on arms)
  • Goggles 
  • Swim cap if swimmer has long hair. (Please click here for Information About Looking After Your Swim Cap)
  • Net kit bag to hold all of the above.
  • Water bottle – sports bottles with a pop up sipping top work very well for swimmers (no disposable bottles with a loose plastic cap that can fall into the water please).

All equipment and Club clothing should be named with a permanent marker please.

All swimmers are required to bring a full bottle of water, squash or diluted fruit juice to drink during each training session. There is a cold water fountain available in the changing room area by the Barton pool. All bottles should be kept at the end of the lane within arm’s reach in order to be easily accessible during training. It is really important that our swimmers are well hydrated before, during and after each session.

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