Come and Join the Workforce

GCSC VolunteersIf you are interested in helping out with the running of the club but don’t want to commit to the committee, then please contact the Workforce Coordinator or let a Member of the Committee know.

There are a number of areas where your help would be invaluable.
These include:

  • Helping at Open meets and Galas, including the County and Club Championships.
  • Helping with gala reports.
  • Helping on poolside or with chaperoning (subject to a valid CRB check).
  • Organising sponsorship and fundraising.
  • It’s your club – come and play your part in making it “a great place to be”.


Rewards & Recognition

In support of our membership participation as a Workforce Volunteer , the Committee does recognize the efforts of volunteers ‘formally’ .

This will achieved by nominations from the membership including swimmers for a ‘Volunteer of the Month‘ with a small token of appreciation given to the successful candidate.

How does it work?

You, as members,  have the opportunity to nominate who you feel is worthy of recognition.

Each month at the Committee meeting the nominations will be reviewed and voted for.

Send your nomination to the Chairman detailing a brief reason of who , why and the benefit you have seen to the Club.

The nominations are open throughout the month for the full month.

Volunteer Roles