The Sprint Meet takes place on Sunday 25th September – and as always, we require volunteers to help out!

Thank you to all those who have already indicated their availability on their entry form, but as always we have gaps, so if you have a swimmer taking part and fancy watching the meet from the elevated AIR CONDITIONED bubble (!) – please consider volunteering or shadowing one of these roles.

An initial workforce list is on the notice board so please have a look to check which role you are doing and which roles are available. As this is a ‘busy’ one day meet, we often have plenty of helpers so it is a perfect opportunity for ‘first-timers’ to shadow a role to see what’s involved! If you’d like to do this – PLEASE speak to me – I would love to see some new faces poolside.

Many thanks in advance.

Clair (mum to Rhiannon Ssk7 and Eloise Ssk5!)