Swimmers and parents at the Southwold Meet enjoying the sunshine!Another weekend, another meet and a small Gloucester team went off to Weston Super Mare for the Southwold Level 3 open meet.

On Saturday, Katie, Laura, Megane, Charlie and Ben were on the starting list, but unfortunately, the M5 was closed and Pete Robinson, Ben and Charlie King never made it to Weston Super Mare due to very heavy traffic ( we missed you! ). Megane and mum, spent 4 hours in the car, and were hoping to make it on time for the 100 free, Amanda, Laura and Katie McPeack made it just on time to enter their first race….a miracle!

On Sunday, Callum Dickson, James and Hannah Coles, Megane, Will, Laura and Katie were on the starting list – the team was complete and up for it! Jackie and Ann did a great job looking after the swimmers for the first session then we were all pleased to see Paul Carter arriving poolside for the rest of Sunday.

We all had a fantastic weekend with the swimmers doing GCSC proud, swimming really hard to get a PB in most of their races. Laura was strong and focused, producing PBs on all her races; Callum Dickson swam a great 50 fly(43.30); Hannah did a huge PB on her 200 free, taking nearly 7s off, in a time of 2.54.90. James was in good spirits and did a great PB on his 200 IM, taking 8 s off  in a time of 3.11.79.  Megane was great, swimming a superb 100 free, but her best PB was on her 200 free, taking 13 s off and finished in a time of 3.01.85….Will did us proud, swimming the 100 free in 59.39s and producing a superb win in the 200 fly! He gave all he had on that 200 fly and the Gloucester camp was over the moon with his victory!

Last but not least, Katie also had a fantastic weekend! Great turns,  a PB in the 200IM, taking off 16S in a time of 3.20.31, and a PB in the 200 free, taking off another 5s! Keep it up, Katie!

Well done to all the swimmers that took part!