Swimmer Development

Swimmers are developed along LTAD guidelines with the hours of training increased appropriately at the discretion of the Coaching team. It is our belief that nearly all swimmers are capable of qualifying for National swimming. This will however only occur if the swimmer trains consistently, which means turning up regularly and carrying out the training as requested.

Swim Skills Development Stage

Swimmers selected for this stage will start with 2.5 hours per week increasing to 7 hours per week. The third session offered will be a Saturday morning. Land training will also start in this stage; check out LTAD for more information.

This is a transitional phase with the emphasis changes from teaching to a more equal balance of technique work and physical conditioning.

Club Squad

Swimmers selected for this squad will have a number of choices relating to hours of training that will include morning and evening sessions in the week. The training program will be work related, appropriate to the age and biological development of the individual.

This may be a transition stage for swimmers when moving between squads; it may provide individuals from other squads with additional and specialist water time within their own program; or it may be the squad that swimmers choose to allow them to develop their own swimming career. It will provide opportunities for swimmers to compete in Open Meets, Team galas and at all levels of competition.

This squad will allow swimmers to actively pursue all of their swimming goals.This may include becoming involved in other areas within the Club ie timekeeping/teaching/coaching/lane helper/fundraiser/charity/organiser/chaperone etc.

Members of this squad will be at the very heart of Gloucester City Swimming Club.

Training to Train

Swimmers at this stage selected to increase their hours up to 12+ hours per week and be expected to train in the mornings. More information can be read by checking out this stage of the LTAD. Swimmers will have demonstrated a commitment to improvement of stroke technique and stamina and will have shown a significant level of dedication.

The training will be demanding with the emphasis on aerobic conditioning and improvements to stroke technique. Swimmers will be expected to attend all sessions.

Training to Compete

Swimmers at this stage increase their hours to 16+. For more information refer to LTAD. Swimmers will have shown the appropriate level of commitment, dedication, experience, and talent. You will also have competed at District level.

The training during this phase is demanding. Its emphasis is on distance training combined with the fine tuning of technique.

Squad Movements

You will have the opportunity to progress through the Squads depending on your dedication, commitment, ability, and attendance.

Any movement of swimmers between the squads will be at the Coaches discretion

Note: Please check out the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) section for further detailed explanation of each stage.