Training Equipment

The basic list of the equipment your swimmer will need when training at GCSC is as follows:

  • Short fin flippers
  • Kick board
  • Pull buoy (float that goes between legs to allow swimmer to focus purely on arms)
  • Training Snorkel
  • Goggles
  • Swim cap
  • Net kit bag to hold all of the above
  • Water bottle – sports bottles with a pop up sipping top works very well for swimmers
    (no disposable bottles with a loose plastic cap that can fall into the water)
  • All equipment and Club clothing should be named with a permanent marker
swim goggles, ear plugs, bath towel-622591.jpg

All swimmers are required to bring a full bottle of water, squash or diluted fruit juice to drink during each training session. There is a cold water fountain available in the changing room area of GL1 by the Barton pool. All bottles should be kept at the end of the lane within arm’s reach in order to be easily accessible during training. It is really important that our swimmers are well hydrated before, during and after each session.

Swim Caps

GCSC swim caps can be ordered and paid for on Active for £7 each. When you log on to Active, in the ‘View Programs’ menu, clicking the ‘Add-on Product’ button next to your swimmer’s name will take you to the cap order page, and then it’s a checkout in the usual way with credit card payment. One of the Committee will deliver the cap to you at a swim training session. They are also available when we run the club shop.

Looking After Your Swim Cap

  • Avoid contact with sharp objects such as fingernails, hairpins, earrings, teeth
  • Try to place the position of the cap using full hand to expand and guide cap, rather than pulling at the edges where sharp nails could tear the cap
  • Rinse in cold water and wipe dry after use and sprinkle inside and out with talc

Club Clothing

All Club clothing should be ordered and purchased directly from the club, either on one of our club shop days or by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Please complete the form to see if we have the items you want. If we do not have the size you want in stock there will be a delay while we place a bulk order with the supplier. If you want items in different sizes or more than one hoodie or shirt, please complete separate forms.

Boys / Mens Sublimated Shirt

Junior (28/30 – 34/36)                   £23.39
Senior (36/38 – 42/44)                   £23.39
Plus Size (44/46″ Chest+)              £23.39

Girls / Ladies Shirt

Junior (28/30 – 34/36)                   £23.39
Senior (36/38 – 42/44)                   £23.39
Plus Size (44/46″ Chest+)              £23.39


Junior (28/30 – 34/36)                  £30.75
Senior (38/40+)                               £36.25

Kit Request Form