Level X details

Dear Members,

​We will be competing in our next round of Level X races on Saturdays’ 12th and 19th June for all squads.

Racing schedules for each squad are below. 

Please note that as Green, Blue and Purple all train at the same time on a Saturday we will rotate these squads across both pools so that they all race in Barton and will use Twyver as a swim down pool.  All squads are to go to their usual pools as per timetable at the start of their session.

To help us run the event, we will need 2 qualified officials (J1 or above) and 7 volunteers to time keep from across these three squads. 

For the Yellow squad, they will be racing in Twyver, during their normal session time, and we will need 2 qualified officials (J1 or above) and 2 volunteers to time keep. 

Anyone can volunteer as a time keeper, no previous experience is needed.  We just need you to be over 14 and be able to operate a stop watch.

Support from officials and volunteers is necessary for the time to be submitted to Swim England Rankings, so if you are able to help please email James

richardsjames@hotmail.co.uk by Monday 7th June.

Please see attached Frequently Asked Questions document about the Level X series 2 from Swim England.

Many Thanks

James Richards

Head Coach

Saturday 12th June

Yellow – 100IM, 50BK, 50FREE

Green – 100IM, 100BK, 50BRS, 50FREE

Blue – 100FLY, 100BK, 50BRS, 50FREE

Purple – 100FLY, 100BK, 50BRS, 50FREE

Saturday 19th June

Yellow – 100FREE, 50FLY, 50BRS

Green – 100BRS, 100FREE, 50FLY, 50BK

Blue – 100BRS, 100FREE, 50FLY, 50BK

Purple – 100BRS, 100FREE, 50FLY, 50BK For Blue and Purple squads’ the 100IM will be fitted in as and when there is space in the sessions.