When your swimmer joins Gloucester City Swimming Club they (and you) become part of our swimming community. We call this community Team GCSC

The team is made up of our swimmers, their families, our coaches and our volunteers. As a member of our team, we will support you and your swimmer to develop  knowledge and skills about competitive swimming.

A snapshot of what you and your swimmer can expect is given below.


Your swimmer will be:

  • allocated to a specific swim squad
  • trained and supported by our top coaches
  • expected to attend and work hard at all swim and land training sessions for their squad
  • encouraged to develop their skills and confidence
  • compete as part of Team GCSC, whether at informal Junior League galas or at formal Open Meets
  • expected to respect and support their team mates
  • encouraged to have a lot of fun.

Parent / Guardian

As parent/guardian of a swimmer/s, we will:

  • introduce you to Team GCSC through our Membership Secretary
  • help you to set your swimmer up on the Active portal (our Club Membership system)
  • be in touch regularly about squad schedules, Club developments, policy updates and competitions (formal and informal)
  • answer any questions you ask us as promptly as we can – we will also keep our website up-to-date as a central point of information
  • ask you to join our social groups on Facebook and Twitter, where you can buy and sell equipment, ask questions and follow live feeds at some of our swim meets
  • support you to volunteer for the team (more information below).


Every person who helps a swimmers to compete is a volunteer. As a Club, we need a consistent stream of volunteers to be able to participate in and run our own Open Meets. In addition to the change to watch your swimmer when spectators aren’t permitted, volunteering allows you to learn more about your child’s sport and to meet people from across the Club. It also contributes to the success of Team GCSC. 

When your swimmer enters Swim Skills 3 squad, Para squad or a squad above this level, we will ask you to embark on a Volunteer Pathway and will provide the training for you to support the Club.
NOTE: All volunteer training is funded by the Club.

In addition to the Volunteer Pathways, there are a number of other areas where you can help. These include:

  • filling or supporting Committee posts – see Our Team page for more information
  • helping write race reports
  • helping our Fundraising Lead to organise sponsorship and fundraising
  • helping at Open Meets and Galas, including the County and Club Championships.

More information about our Volunteer Pathways: